mui Kee Noodles – New Virtual Noodle concept by The Famous Mui Kee Congee

mui Kee Noodles

Famous Cantonese congee eatery, Mui Kee Congee, is opening a new virtual noodle concept in Singapore. Mui Kee Noodles is a delivery-only concept by the Les Amis Group with noodles as the star of the restaurant.

mui Kee Congee first started in Singapore as a pop-up concept at Casa Verde and it has settled as a permanent spot at Shaw Centre. There is still a long queue at the congee eatery every day and Mui Kee Noodles will be the latest addition to satisfy your craving for Cantonese-style noodles.



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与今天的大揭露,我们非常兴奋see which restaurants remain on this list and who some of the newer recipients are of the highly-prized Michelin Star. Whether you agree with this list if up to you to decide when you eventually pay them a visit after this announcement.

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Mui Kee - 着名的香港粥在新加坡开放

Mui Kee Congee 2P.hoto

P.opular Hong Kong congee stall, Mui Kee, has opened a pop-up restaurant in Singapore。与Les Amis集团合作,香港机构将在新加坡植物园的Casa Verde开始六个月长的弹出窗口。

Mui Kee本身拥有漫长而丰富的遗产,但它描绘了其客户风扇基地是粥本身的独特品味和质地。使用鱼汤,猪肉和其他成分的世纪鸡蛋,这个粥把舒适的食物带到了全新的水平。那些熟悉这个名字的人会知道他们的鱼汤粥是多么惊人,而且对于那些没有的人,只是想象丝般光滑,天鹅绒般的粥,带来味道。

T.his is comfort food like you have never had before, and if you ever needed a solid pick-me-up on a cold rainy day (or any day) then Mui Kee is definitely one to consider.


Namnam Noodle Bar新加坡

NamNam Noodle Bar

NamNam Noodle Bar, a relatively new dining concept by the Les Amis Group, features iconic street favourites of Vietnam. It is not uncommon to see long queues at its two branches at Raffles City and Wheelock during meal times.

T.he idea of the noodle bar is simple, but very clever. I have always lamented that Singapore lacks good Vietnamese eateries, and NamNam managed to fill a gap in the market at the right time.



一个oki Restaurant

有些餐馆是因为一个特定的菜肴频繁。例如,我永远不能想象自己要去yan Tingwithout ordering the heavenly char siew sou. OrLa Cantina.without getting the lovely crabmeat linguine. Orantoinette patisserie没有品尝其签名的antoinette伯爵灰色蛋糕。你明白了。 of those must-have dishes that I am going to add to my list is the Chirashi – a bowl of sushi rice topped with sashimi – fromAoki日本餐厅由Les Amis Group。