食堂at Sentosa — 3 Stellar Restaurants In A Colonial Building With Incredible Asian Gastronomy


Housed in a dignified colonial building, Mess Hall is the pinnacle of exquisite dining in the new Sentosa experience – Mess Hall, Village Hotel Sentosa, The Outpost Hotel and The Barracks Hotel. What was originally a military outpost has now been transformed into a contemporary village of endless gourmet possibilities.

more than just culinary excellence, the architecture of the building brags of a quiet elegance. Beyond the perimeters of the building lies a Heritage Courtyard, replete with grassy terrains and a serene atmosphere.


来自Hidemasa by Hide Yamamoto的精致日本料理,前往皇家泰姬陵的Curries和Biryani,以及Quentin的酒吧和餐厅的精致欧亚菜肴,这是我们在萨默尔特3家餐厅的前景,您必须用餐。




T.he concept ofomakase.revolves around allowing the sushi chef to decide on the choice of dishes to serve his or her customers and will typically consist of a series of plates, beginning with the lightest fare and subsequently proceeding on to the heavier dishes.

对这种烹饪风格有很多东西 - 从信任中,DINE亚博全站客户端RS将厨师提供厨师的专业知识,其中包括仅包含本赛季最新鲜产品的菜单。omakase粉末经常从各种各样的寿司,生鱼片,煮熟的菜肴和季节性蔬菜等奥罗托(脂肪金枪鱼腹部)等季节性蔬菜开始。亚博体育手机客户端

是什么让omakase有趣是你永远不知道要期待什么的事实。没有人真正知道厨师可能所服务的是什么,因为菜肴根据本赛季而变化。毫无疑问,如这些的膳食不一定会廉价,但如果你正在渴望成为最好的日本肿瘤酶在最好的日本别墅用餐时,这是我们的列表10 best Japanese restaurants for omakase in Singapore


寿司jiro在凯文湾 - 斯蒂拉尔omakase,premium a5 wagyu beef dons和chirashi dons


一种celebrated stalwart in Singapore’s omakase scene, Sushi Jiro is an institution that aims to provide diners with a lavish, authentic dining experience that comes as close to the ones you can get in Japan itself.

For a multi-sensory journey that aims to let your taste buds feel things that they’ve never felt before, Sushi Jiro employs only the most premium ingredients to create their gastronomical masterpieces. From incredibly fresh seasonal seafood to the best cuts of beef that are air-flown from Japan up to 4-times a week, you can be assured that you’ll be getting the best out of the best when you dine here at Sushi Jiro.

B.oasting a spacious floor space that can accommodate over 100 diners, the restaurant’s palatially designed interior mimics that of a traditional Japanese sushi eatery and provides a cosy dining environment for you to enjoy your meal. Also accompanying the welcoming interior is the breathtaking view of Keppel Bay with its sleek architecture and orderly lined-up rows of yachts.

From now until 30 August 2019, our readers can quote ‘ladyironchef’ upon making reservations to enjoy 15% OFF Sushi Jiro’s omakase menus. The promotion may not be combined with other discounts, promotions, and vouchers. It is also not applicable for any order of alcohol drinks.


S.ushi Jiro At Keppel Bay – A Brand New Space With Luxe Omakase & Stunning View

寿司jiro keppel湾

展示一个全新的空间,拥有令人叹为观止的Keppel Bay令人惊叹的建筑和多百万美元游艇的壮丽景色,以及可以容纳100多家食客,用餐的更大占地面积在Keppel湾的寿司jiro承诺不容易被遗忘的多感官日本餐饮经验。

Curated and crafted by esteemed Chef Kenji, diners get to savour a delightful mix of seasonal seafood and fish along with other premium ingredients all moulded into gorgeous masterpieces by the chef himself that will target your taste buds in ways that you’ve never experienced before. Promising wave after wave of sensorial bliss, every ingredient is handpicked and air-flown up to 4 times a week from Japan.

住房成熟的签名剧本,优雅地制作的物品 - 经典和现代 - 准备好的喜欢他们的日本高级Wagyu A5牛肉牛排和新创作的卑鄙,用餐者将被宠坏的选择。

如果您要沉迷,请转到每一美分的地方,将抵达寿司Jiro Keppel湾。从现在到2019年1月31日开始,当您在Keppel Bay湾寿司Jiro的新出店用餐时,有15%的折扣开放促销。

Fat Cow – New S$80 Lunch Omakase & S$180 Dinner Omakase With 10% OFF

Fat Cow Collage

在许多复杂和美丽的方面japanese cuisine, one of the most unique is the Omakase. Omakase in Japanese fine dining is the act of leaving one’s culinary experience entirely up to the chef, transcending beyond what’s written on the menu. It is in fact, a huge compliment to the chef and is a sign that the diner has total trust in the chef’s expertise, culinary skill and recommendations. It’s a huge deal as far as Japanese food is concerned and the one place that we have total confidence in when it comes to a luxurious, top-notch dining experience, Fat Cow’s Chef’s Table Omakase undeniably takes the cake.

一种place where terrific food, culinary finesse and Japanese hospitality all come together, Fat Cow is one of those restaurants that bears timeless appeal. From their snazzy interiors, laid-back jazzy tunes to their extensive array of top-of-the-line wagyu and seafood-forward dishes, Fat Cow truly gives you a sense of exclusiveness and is quite realistically, the closest one gets to experiencing royalty.

Fat Cow’s dinner Omakase (S$250++ per pax) has always been known to be on the pricier side but for what it’s worth, diners are treated to nothing short of a pure, sensorial and blissful experience. With their newly curated lunch Omakase menu at S$80++ featuring 7 courses, lunchtime will no doubt be the best time to visit the restaurant to enjoy deluxe but wallet-friendly Omakase indulgences.

From now until 30 Sep 2018, quote ‘ladyironchef’ upon making your reservations to enjoy a further 10% discount for both lunch and dinner Omakase, as well as a complimentary glass of Fat Sour (whisky). A minimum of two persons per reservation is required.

Now, who’s up for Fat Cow’s lunch and dinner Chef’s Table Omakase? We know we are.


17 Japanese Restaurants In Singapore For Every Budget

japanese Restaurants In Singapore

W.henever we talk about Japanese food whether it’s your humble conveyor belt sushi or a full-on gastronomic omakase experience, the same question never fails to pop up—is it worth the splurge?

W.ell, while a 500-dollar omakase meal may not qualify for a typical weekday dinner, there are in fact, plenty of Japanese restaurants of varying price points that allow even the most thrifty of individuals to have a pretty solid Japanese meal whenever they are craving for Japanese cuisine—even if they are on a budget constraint.

从全顶日式日式餐饮场所到谦卑的墙壁,这是我们的列表japanese restaurants in Singapore for every budget