29 Cafes In Serangoon and Kovan For Weekend Brunches and Desserts

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T.he culture of cafe-hopping may have died down a little in Singapore, but when your friend asks you out for a weekend brunch date, you just can’t say no.

Serangoon居民,我们不能更羡慕你们。将主持人乘坐到一家咖啡馆,Serangoon和Kovan可以轻松加入Tiong Bahru的行列,因为新加坡最具可能发生的咖啡馆区。

T.hese estates are thriving with lush cafes and hip joints, ready to overwhelm us with abundant brunch selections and decadent desserts. We’ve rounded up 29 cafes in Serangoon and Kovan you should definitely check out. Burger bars and hidden patisseries are just a fraction of what’s in store for you!


T.wo Bakers – New Outlet At Serangoon With Affordable Mains, Beers and Nostalgic Desserts

T.wo Bakers Cafe

在Horne Road的一家工匠甜点咖啡馆取得了名字,两个面包师沿着Teck Chye Terrace开设了第二个出口。Helmed by Le Cordon Bleu Paris训练有素的厨师,您可以在Sunangoon Outlet上期待相同的优质食品和法式融合点。



一世n addition to their new selection of nostalgic desserts, Two Bakers also offers a whole new menu of mains, including a specially crafted dinner menu at the Serangoon outlet. With the mission to serve wholesome food for the soul and the motto of “eat well live well”, here’s why you really should drop by Two Bakers’ new outlet soon!

从现在到2019年8月30日,我们的读者可以引用“Lady ronchef”,享受平日午餐和晚餐(周二yabo全站客户端至周五)享受25%的优惠,不包括公众假期。


[已关闭]剪刀纸炉 - 在这家美丽的咖啡馆塞进亚洲风格的塔帕斯和鸡尾酒


受到他们墨尔本旅行的启发,所有者Januver和Chomel开始了剪刀纸炉子to celebrate the diversity of Asian culinary techniques and our communal dining culture.

他们的菜单侧重于一系列的小吃,非常适合在朋友和家人之间分享,以及其他自制食谱和少量甜点。愉快的空间对于任何场合都是完美的 - 无论您是早晨的挑选,还是在漫长的一天后才能放松一下。

W.hile some may say that Asian fusion tapas served in colourful tingkats and Asian-inspired cocktails—think vodka with amaretto, milo and condensed milk—sound too much like a marketing gimmick, we applaud the team’s creativity in using familiar Asian flavours to create something new.R.E.一种D.O.N