Jangsu Korean BBQ – Delicious Barbecue Aged Meat That Will Make You Go Jjang!

Jangsu Korean BBQ封面照片

Jangsu Korean BBQ is a humble Korean restaurant located in Serangoon and it is run by a Korean couple. The restaurant serves affordable and super yummy food and pride themselves in using 100% aged meats that are juicy, tender and fresh. You can also expect flavourful seasoned meats that have been marinated with their secret recipe there.

Serangoon is filled with a myriad of good food and this Korean restaurant adds to the list. Here’s why you have to be sure to visit this restaurant for an authentic Korean BBQ experience!


Honey Night – A Korean Bar And Bistro That is Seoul Good You Must Visit With Your Chingus!


Honey Night is a Korean bar and bistro where you can get refreshing drinks on a hot day, Korean street snacks and mains to satisfy your hunger pangs. It is conveniently located in Grandlink Square, just walking distance from Paya Lebar MRT.

吞下了一座Somaek塔,咬了辣椒辣米糕,沉迷于冰镇汤,同时蹦冰和唱歌沿着K-POP击中。你不必飞往韩国ahjummakimchi stew anymore because you’re in for a treat at Honey Night with their authentic tasting Korean food fare!


Masizzim – New Korean Lunch Sets Including Bibimbap & Bulgogi That Start From S$10.90


The hype for Korean food never seemed to die down after the K-wave hit our shores just a few years back. Even untill today, people’s love for Korean music, culture, and of course, food continues strong.

From the same team behind many popular Japanese & Korean dining concepts in Singapore such as Chir Chir,Sora Boru,nipong naepongandNY Night Market,Masizzim是一家来自韩国的韩国休闲餐厅,专门从事友好和有益健康的炖菜。如果您了解韩语,您还会意识到他们的名字本身是“Masi”(美味)和'JJIM'(炖)的单词的歌词。


Prices start from a very wallet-friendly S$10.90++ and each lunch set entails a main, a bowl of seaweed soup as well as two pieces of Korean pancakes.


yoogane的New Samgyetang Hansik Set – Enjoy this traditional Korean feast for a limited period

封面Yoogane 2019.

如果您是韩国戏剧的粉丝,K-POP和韩语的所有东西,您将熟悉着名的dak galbichain from South Korea, Yoogane. Well-loved for their addictively spicy chicken加尔比,Yoogane为服务正宗和美味的传统韩国食品而赢得了应有的好评。

对于一个在打工d period only,Yooganeintroduces its newSamgyetangHansik菜单,提供韩国烹饪经典的无数,如Samgyetang(Ginseng Chicken Soup),Ganjang Yangnyeom Dakgangjeong(Korean Soy Sauce Fried Chicken) andNakji Bokkeum(Stir-Fried Spicy Octopus). The new lineup of traditional Korean dishes will definitely make you feel like you’re eating right in the heart of Seoul!

yoogane的SamgyetangHansik套装将有2个PAX(S $ 48 ++)和4 pax(S $ 88 ++),从8月中旬开始在选定的网点,所以在您与您的方式进行旅行之前查看我们对这些专业菜肴的想法朋友们!


nipong naepong– Singapore’s First Jjamppong Specialty Restaurant To Satisfy Your Ppong Cravings

nipong naepong

The Korean food scene in Singapore has been on the rise over the last couple of years. This is not a surprise for many of us since Korea has been riding on the tidal wave of Hallyu, or the Korean Wave, and we all love Korean products.

nipong naeponghas been on our little red dot for over a year now, satisfying the cravings of numerous Korean food enthusiasts with scrumptious Chinese-Korean cuisine. As Singapore’s first “ppong” specialty restaurant, the restaurant has seamlessly fused flavours inspired from around the world with impeccable flair.


If you have been wanting to try jjamppong from all the K-Dramas you have been watching, drop by Nipong Naepong today! Two different amazing deals await, too!


Omoomodon - 友好的友好和清真韩国融合食品,可定制碗

Omoomodon Chasuken Ramen and Omo Remix

Tucked away at Kallang Wave Mall is Omoomodon, serving Halal Korean fusion rice and noodle bowls with a unique twist. Omoomodon is pronounced as ‘Omo-Omo-Don’. ‘Omo-omo’ is derived from the popular Korean slang “Oh My!”, while ‘don’ is translated to bowl in Japanese. The Korean expression in the name is used to depict pleasant surprise when their diners tuck into tasty customisable fusion bowls.

The wallet-friendly prices mean you will not have to break the bank. With the option to customise your meal exactly how you want—from your own rice bowl to a warm bowl of ramen or a delicious plate of steak—there are endless possibilities to what you can choose at Omoomodon.