Heat shrink band

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Product Description of Heat Shrinkable Tape:

The heat shrink band series products are designed for the anti-corrosion of buried and overhead steel pipeline welding joints and the insulation joint repair of insulated pipelines. It is composed of radiation cross-linked polyolefin base material and special sealing Hot-melt adhesive. The special sealing Hot-melt adhesive can form good adhesion with polyolefin base material, steel pipe surface and solid epoxy coating. The heat shrink belt is called a looper in the industry, and compared to the heat shrink sleeve, which is called a dead sleeve, in addition to the main body of the heat shrink belt, it is also equipped with adhesive strips and fixing pieces. The heat shrink belt is convenient for large-scale production and construction.
Purpose and characteristics:
- High mechanical strength and aging resistance.
——好的environmental stress resistance.
- Excellent bonding performance.
- Easy to use.
Executive standard ": SY/T 0413-2002, NACE RP0303-2003
Maximum operating temperature: 80 ℃
Applicable external anti-corrosion coatings: PE, FBE, PP
Steel pipe preheating temperature: 75 ℃
Recommended rust removal level: Sa 2.5
Product specification: The product can be used for all DN100-DN1000 steel pipes
The thickness of the substrate ranges from 1.0 to 2.0mm, and the thickness of the adhesive layer ranges from 0.8 to 2.0mm
The heat shrink band began to be applied in the mid to late 1990s in the petroleum and natural gas industry for long-distance transportation of oil and natural gas. At the beginning of this century, it was also widely used in the fields of anti-corrosion of long-distance oil and natural gas steel pipe welding joints, urban gas pipeline network joints, heating steel pipe joints, and incoming water pipe joints.
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